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01/23/02 - Hello everyone. As you can see, the synapsis website has changed once again. You can see that the navigation is different. Hopefully, all the links will be working this time. It will take a while for the sections to be up. Give it about a week or so, and will be in full-effect.

12/08/01 - Thanks to everyone who came out to the show on Thursday. Synapsis had a pretty decent show even though they experienced some technical problems for the first song or so. After the show they were invited to do a couple of radio shows for Rutgers.

12/06/01 - Synapsis has a show tonight! They will be rocking the Rutgers Student center on College Ave. Site updates: The about section is up and running. Other sections are still currently being created. Download the official Synapsis wallpaper: CLICK HERE. (Resolution: 1280 x 1024; other resolutions coming soon!)

12/05/01 - Welcome to the new and improved Synapsis website. It will be a couple of days before the new site is in full effect. You are now on the first of what is going to be a 7 page website. Sexxy isn't it?

Tomorrow Synapsis will be playing at the Hub City Band Night at the Rutgers Student Center on College Ave in New Brunswick. Along with 4 other bands, Synapsis was chosen from a total of 60 diffrent bands.











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