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SYNAPSIS Profiles ---- Dan

 Name: Dan Gatens
 Date of Birth: September 12, 1983
 Instrument: Drums
 Gear: 6pc. Pearl Export Kit, Zildjian Cymbals, Aquarian Heads, ProMark Sticks, Indian Tabla Set
 Influences: Danny Carey, Dennis Chambers, Rob Bourdon, Jose Pasillas, John Bonham, Josh Freese
 Quote(s): "There's that stupid show on MTV called Cribs where the viewer sees where you live, what you live like and what you eat. It gets to the point where it's so ridiculous and everybody is asking 'Who?' instead of 'What?' - and I don't support it. I want to hear what they are saying, artistically, musically. The face behind it doesn't really make any difference. But that's what gets exploited all the time and I think that's kind of grim."
-Danny Carey

"We were backstage playing Monopoly and totally forgot there was a show."
-Maynard explaining why they were late for their set 

"Remember, today is a gift. I mean, if it wasn't then why would they call it the present?"
 Q: What led you to learn to play an instrument?
 A: "1st Instrument, violin, hated it. 2nd Instrument, piano, hated it (but now regret that I did). 3rd Instrument, alto sax…liked it enough to stick with it until I discovered the drums in high school. My father plays guitar and he influenced me, with a heavy classic rock vibe through my childhood. Thankfully he did, I take a lot of my influences from there now, and probably listen to more Zeppelin than he does! (Just kidding Dad). Yeah, I was in marching band in high school. I was a band geek (and still am, but proud of it), but I didn't even play drums in the high school band. I felt like a little bitch playing the alto sax, and the drummers were all hardcore with their quads and basses and shit. I was like man, I should be a drummer, drums are so cool. So junior year I asked my parents for a kit for Christmas. I got the kit…never regretted playing drums ever since. It was great, and now developing as a drummer and musician has made me gain so much respect for all kinds of music and instruments, including my 3 previous tries at musicianship."