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SYNAPSIS Profiles ---- Arpan

 Name: Arpan Desai
 Date of Birth: October 13, 1982
 Instrument: Bass
 Gear: Ibanez BTB510 Bass, SWR Bass750 amp, SWR Goliath III Cab, Korg DTR-2 Tuner, Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner, dbx 160A Compressor, Monster Cables
 Influences: Dirk Lance, Victor Wooten, Flea, Justin Chancellor
 Quote(s): “Nobody is perfect. I am nobody. Therefore, I am perfect.” – Anonymous

“Basses are like women. A little thumb action is fine. But pull the G-string to hard and you’re in for trouble. – Anonymous
 Q: Who influenced you to be a musician?
 A: "My blind Grandpa. When I was 8 yrs old, I had a toy keyboard (piece of crap). One day my grandpa came to my house. He was a musician so he showed me how to play 'Happy Birthday' on it. Later I played it at my grandma's 85th birthday party (a huge event). After playing it in front of a large group of people, I got this huge applause. That's when I knew that playing music was for me."