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Synapsis is about making music…but not just making any type of music, music that they love.  It took awhile to get the style right, but now Synapsis has found its niche in the Rock world, somewhere between the progressive styles such as Tool and several alterative influences such as Incubus and Stabbing Westward.  The band is about playing what they feel, and invoke feeling when they play.  Synapsis likes to change the mood often, while keeping the whole thing flowing throughout the song.  Synapsis is not a band that slops things together. Rather, they are always trying to find time to tighten the transitions and make everything sound smoother, yet more intense at the same time. “We must have thrown out at least 5 songs before we even kept one that we still like,” describes drummer Dan Gatens. “And for the songs we have now, we have just recently revamped them, constantly looking for ways to better our music.”  This band prides itself about having intensity, whether it lyrically or musically…even their practice sessions make people want to get up and listen closely.  With dedicated work, Synapsis strives to reach a higher state of mind through music.






In 2000, high school friends Dan Gatens, Corey Gurkovich, and Arpan Desai formed a rock band, Broken Halo. They also enlisted a mutual friend of the band as the keyboardist to the group, and soon found yet another friend to sing for the group, but soon found out that he wasn't quite qualified for the job. After the brief stint as a cover band, Broken Halo changed its sound to original rap-core, and changed the singer of the band as well (the keyboardist’s interest was waning and he also left the band around this time).  Along with an emcee (one of Dan’s friends), they also brought in Emanuel, a student who Arpan and Dan met in their senior health class at school, to accentuate the rap vocals with “backing” melodic vocals. Stasis FX (as the new band was renamed) did a brief recording session and was at first happy, but then very soon dissatisfied with the music that they had created.  In April 2001, they took the opportunity to perform at a school-sponsored talent show.  Since their emcee was not a student of the school, he was not allowed to perform.  Down a member, the 4-man Stasis FX played a few covers learned on rather short notice, and were well received by the 800+ crowd at the school.  They saw their potential without their emcee, (he seemed rather uninterested anyway) and continued on without him.  Wes stepped up as front man, and pushed the band towards an alternative rock style.  The remaining members underwent yet another name change, calling themselves Synapsis, and have been playing together ever since. With dynamic arrangements, powerful riffs and complex rhythms, they strive to create powerful, intense music, which conveys a meaningful message.

















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